You’re Invited

IF whenever you read the words ‘you’re invited‘ & you immediately, without hesitation, think ‘can you be there?… I don’t know what outfit I’ll wear…‘ and then start throwing clothes out of your closet, frantically looking for your Old Navy Performance Fleece…..

Then we are destined to be together and I’ll gladly be the one to provide your half of the BFF necklace.

IF this is your first time reading the blog, then you might wonder why I’m starting with an old ad. It will get better….?

IF it isn’t your first time then you already know… That I’m perfectly good at focusing, silly!


If you’re thinking, WOW this blog has a lot of ‘IF’ statements, THEN you’re right. You guys see how I also like to mix in logical formulas?



Moby Coffee Roasters opened a coffee bar in April of 2018. Which means that the Moby Coffee Roasters Coffee Bar is turning ONE!

Just like any infant, it had its moments. Moments of splendor, moments of terror. Moments where you didn’t know if you were going to keep it alive, smother it, and/or accidentally forget something important that ends up either making it grow up and be great or grow up and be terrible.

So somebody cue the Terrible Two’s!!!!! (this is what happens when a mom opens a business, apparently, they make poor associations)

We are going to have a celebration by offering FOOD for sale by 80/20 Damn Fine Foods & spending the day being with our friends and customers who have become friends.


AND – you guessed it….



9am – 2pm

What does next year bring for the coffee bar?

  • We will add on Monday & Tuesdays as soon as possible (our goal being before summer)
  • We will make additions to our menu that include:
    • more not-caffeine options
    • drinks that are poured out of a BLENDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (slow down there bucko, I mean blended coffee drinks NOT pina coladas)
  • We will continue to make improvements to the space to keep our customers comfortable. ‘Customer Comfort, the newest trend in the Upper Hood River Valley
where people can buy drinks for people 


For those of you close enough to have visited, I hope you enjoyed your time in our space. It really is my goal to make it somewhere special for Parkdale.

I always welcome kind words and constructive criticism. As long as the criticism doesn’t make me cry by accident. NO PRESSURE. I rarely cry. JK. I cry sometimes. Just not a lot. And typically not by criticism. Except sometimes. If the criticism is mean. Then I’ll cry. But I’m a strong woman. I just cry sometimes. Because of hormones. And because that was really mean to say. And I’m pretty sure you could have said it nicer.


That’s all I’ve got for now.

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